Author: Ron Piggott

Date: 2014-01-28 15:20:21

When I was two years old I had a rare hip disease.  This set in motion a life time of mobility challenges and arthritis in my hip joints. 

Although I have always enjoyed encouraging people this took on a deeper meaning when I lost the use of my left hip joint at age 27 and then five months later my right hip joint beginning to rapidly deteriorate on account of the effects of arthritis.  I was left with the challenge of reconiling my faith, a life that would be far from the norm and learning all over again how to manage daily life.

What I have posted on The Verse of the Day web site aren't just words to me.  What I endeavor to share is the hope I face each day with.  I want to invite you to use The Verse of the Day web site if you are struggling, need encouragement or looking for online Bible study materials.

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