Meet the Team

Sammie S. Taunton

I've worked for several different well known hosting providers and I've worked in the roles as a Customer Service Representative, System Administrator, COO, and Director of Customer Relations. Something you learn along the way is that things don't always go the way the company wants and instead of relying on your own instincts, you need to open your ears and listen to your customers.

For over 10 years now I've worked as an MSF RiderCoach. In a nut shell, it's my job to help others by showing them what safe and effective motorcycling is all about. I'll take you from never even seeing a motorcycle, to becoming a safe operator of a motorcycle.

In my free time I am always lending my knowledge and experience to over 20+ IRC channels, submitting PR's for bugs I've found in random software, and contributing to the Stack Exchange Network.

Glenn Obert

I think I need to get a stick and go after Glenn for not putting something together here yet. - Sammie